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Always Sunkissed

Always Sunkissed
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Living in Florida, there are many warm days that call for tank tops and short shorts, but not all of us tan so easily.  We all known if you get too much sun you can damage you skin, so what's a girl to do....self-tanner!  I've tried a lot over the years and these are my top recommendations.
There is a reason this first product has a cult following.  It's foam is easy to apply and it deliveries a dark non-orangey finish. It comes in at about $42 and came be found at you local Ulta store.  If you guessed St. Tropez Classic Tanning Mousse you know your self-tanners.  This product has a celebrity following for good reason.  The pros are that you'll get a super dark tan fast.  The cons are it's expensive and it can transfer on your clothes are sheets while it's developing.
This next product is one I stumbled across and just keep coming back to. It's about $18 but it's still an easy foam to apply.  The color is dark but not quite as dark as St. Tropez.  The big plus in addition to the price is that the product goes on clear which means no transfer.  I love this because you can throw it on in the morning and by lunch you are tan.  This self-tanner is called Tanologist.  If you have used either of these products and what to tell me your thoughts leave a comments below!

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